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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Fitness Industry Suppliers Association-North America?
We collect data on global equipment sales and identify and execute industry-wide projects that enable suppliers to design, manufacture and deliver products and services to meet the needs of commercial customers.

When was FISA started? What’s the governing structure?
FISA was incorporated in April 2000 as a 501(c)3, non-profit corporation, governed by an elected Board of Directors. The organization has by-laws adopted and amended by the membership. Task Forces or Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are established as needed to develop and monitor projects. Our Board and Membership meetings are open to any supplier at any time.

How does a supplier join FISA?
FISA functions as a “project consortium.” There are no dues. When you participate in any of our projects we consider you a member. Once a project is identified, the scope and costs are presented to those with interest, a participation fee is set by dividing the total cost of the project by the total number of participants. The Board of Directors approves all projects and fees. You only pay for something in which you participate.

What is the Market Trend Report?
The Commercial Market Trend Report tracks the sale of commercial fitness equipment on a global basis. Equipment manufacturers self-report their data on a completely confidential basis to a CPA firm, which aggregates the data, analyzes the results and reports trends in an annual report. The Commercial Market Trend Report was initiated in 1999. The data is owned by the participating manufacturers and is shared only with those who submit their data.

What is FISA’s approach to events?
Our VIP events are ‘appointment-based.’ They include a series of one on one meetings with decision-makers in a relaxed, resort setting, complemented by peer panels and peer discussion groups. The educational sessions are geared toward owners and operators in the mid-tier health club sector, primarily regional health club chains and large/mid-size independent clubs. some JCCs and medically-based facilities. During each event we include some social activities that involve light competition, which along with various group meal functions, allows everyone to enjoy the time and build relationships.

What is “FISA YMCA”
This event is also ‘appointment-based with social activities. We target Senior Executives from multi-branch YMCAs, which typically includes Metropolitan and mid-tier YMCA. Guests have responsibility for the fitness component of the business. Ideal for suppliers that currently serve YMCAs those who want to break into this vertical segment.