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October 26-28, 2020 (Mon-Wed)
Four Seasons Palm Beach Resort & Spa (Palm Beach, FL)


The fitness business is changing rapidly. Suppliers, club owners, and executives need to gather first-hand information from each other. It’s not enough to know something about all of your customers. You need to know about EACH of your customers. Our “by invitation,” VIP events allow you to do just that, without distractions, without time wasters, on your own terms, in a world-class setting.

Suppliers will find this combination of one on one meetings, education and informal socializing, perfect for learning more about the needs of your customers and pre-qualified prospects.

Club owner/executive or with a non-profit organization, you’ll have uninterrupted time to ask your current and potential suppliers what they can do to help you thrive, and gain insight from your peers.

FISA members and our invited guests tell us consistently, that our format provides the best atmosphere to conduct business.

We welcome your questions and participation.