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November 11-13, 2024 (Mon-Wed)
Hutton Hotel
Nashville, TN

Your business reset is concrete and tentative. Your customers need your guidance more now than ever. A WHOLE INDUSTRY’S AIMS DRIVEN BY CHANGE.   

This remains a fluid situation for owners and operators, suppliers and fitness enthusiasts, no matter their choice of facility, or mixture of living room and garage-based workouts. How many clubs and what type of clubs will survive and what will they look like when they do? There will be holes in the market to fill. Where? Who will fill them? How? Will the consumer migration to the home setting increase, level off or recede to past levels? What impact will technology have on sanitation, club usage, marketing, sales and service delivery? Numerous players from outside our industry are ringing a wave of new solutions.

The upsurge of energy is contagious. Everything is in motion. The lid is off. The clock of history in our business is reset and we begin anew, en masse, everyone in it together. It bears repeating. YOUR CUSTOMERS NEED YOUR GUIDANCE.

  • Suppliers will find this combination of one on one meetings, education and informal socializing, perfect for learning more about the needs of your customers and pre-qualified prospects.
  • Club owner/executives or with a non-profit organization, you’ll have uninterrupted time to ask your current and potential suppliers what they can do to help you thrive, and gain insight from your peers. FISA members and our invited guests tell us consistently, that our format provides the best atmosphere to conduct business. We welcome your questions and participation.