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May 2017 (Mon-Wed)
Location TBD

Guests will be from Top 100 and larger regional health club chains, some multiple YMCA groups. ‘Health Club Programming and Technology’ is the only event that brings together key suppliers and executives from these combined vertical segments, at the strategic and operational level.

If you are a supplier, you’ll find this proven format of one on one meetings, peer-led panels and informal socializing, perfect for learning more about the needs of your customers, pre-qualfiied prospects and their markets. No distractions, no time wasted.

If you are an executive, you’ll have uninterrupted time to ask current and potential suppliers what more they might be able to do help you improve and expand your programming options and network with your peers.

FISA member suppliers and their guests consistently say this format provides the best atmosphere to conduct business.

We welcome your questions and participation.