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VIP Guest Information — FISA WEST

February  19-21, 2024 (Mon-Wed)
La Quinta Resort and Club, La Quinta, CA

From a guest’s perspective, the entire purpose of our events is to make efficient use of your time and to help you weigh the best opportunities for your business. We do that by connecting you with your key suppliers, with suppliers you’ve probably never met or even heard of, and your peers.

Exhibit halls have their place, but they can be crowded and noisy. It’s difficult to connect with the person you want to talk with, and when you do, they’re tied up in another conversation. In your office or when you’re in transit between your clubs, you rarely have time to take calls from suppliers.

FISA VIP events remove all that wasted time, and what’s more… there’s no cost for you to participate. As a VIP guest, you’ll be provided with complimentary round trip airfare, ground transportation a 3-night hotel stay, catered meals, group and leisure activities. Let me guess. You’re already thinking, “what’s the catch?”

Well, there is no catch. We’ve just found that providing a first class, low key business environment to discuss your fitness business’s growth is most productive. Take a quick look at the testimonials from some of our past guests… club owners and executives just like you, then just register or call for more information. We’ll do the rest.